Tips and Tricks

Unsure where a suspicious link takes you?

Best practise is to avoid opening links sent to you from the web or strangers. If you still would like to check a certain website on your mobile phone while using Google Chrome, you can simply long press on the link. A new pop-up window will list several options such as opening the selected link in a new tab, incognito tab, copy tex and more. If you have the latest updates, you should also see "Preview page". On desktops and PCs, right click and open link in incognito window. This will allow you to view and safely close the suspicious link.

Stay alert and skeptical

Open emails, links and attachments from trustworthy sources, be wary of people unexpectedly contacting you by phone or email and asking about your personal information.

Don't reuse passwords

If a website that you use has been compromised, they will have your personal information including passwords. They will be able to use that password to try other websites to try to login to your accounts. Use a reputable password manager and do not use the same password twice! Visit Google's password checkup to see how strong they are and if you've used any more than once.