HDSB TechTips

Welcome to the HDSB TechTips site. We have built this site to support HDSB Staff and Families in using technology and providing solutions to common technical issues, questions or ways to reach out to receive Technical Support.

  • Security Threats - as we become aware of security threats we will make this information available through this site and include links to articles for more information

  • General FAQ’s - contains the current trends in technical support requests we are receiving, these will be updated as requests come in and include troubleshooting steps and direction for remediation

  • Contact Us - you can always contact us we are here to help

Information Services also maintains a website on www.hdsb.ca called Technology & You (https://hdsb.ca/parents/Pages/Technology-%26-You.aspx) which provides an overview and resources about how technology is used in Halton, there are great resources and links available from this site.

The HDSB Curriculum teams have provided information on remote learning strategies and tools, this information is available on the Board website (https://hdsb.ca/learning-and-resources/Pages/Learning-Outside-Classroom.aspx).

Best Practices for Google Meet. The following link will take you to a Google document on steps to ensure you get the best possible experience from Google Meet.

Click Here!

Supporting Student Learning Outside of the Classroom

If you looking for more information on Supporting Student Learning Outside of the Classroom, please see the following link.


Covid-19 and HDSB's Response

Also, if you're looking for more information regarding HDSB's response to COVID-19 please see the following link.


Google Security Checkup

Have you ever performed a google security checkup? It may be a good time to do one today as today is #SaferInternetDay. Follow the link and be sure you use your board account or any other Google account that you have.

Important Security Links & Downloads

If you have a Windows 10 device you will have a program installed called Microsoft Security and that is your anti-virus software. Please ensure that it is up-to-date.

If you require any other form of protection please contact your internet service provider or a local computer shop for further assistance